Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thing #6

Cool, huh. I am not sure i did it correctly, but here is my trading card. When I am at home it might be fun to do some of these of my family and my pets. This one I will keep for a reminder to work towards my goal of going on a cruise that will be paid for by Tastefully Simple. Doug will be with me and it will be a wonderful celebration of our 29th anniversary!

Thing #5

I have gone through this 'thing' looking at the various options and trying to figure out what to do.
I am with the librarian from Hibbing that said that she can understand the uses for this for people who like this technology but has no interest in opening yet another account for something.
I know that I am also one that would not sit at my computer and play with this. I am very happy being illiterate about these things and am probably going to stay that way for now. I can't see myself doing anything like this for my library work. I just do not have the time or patience. There are way more fun things to do with my time, like go outside and garden, read a book, take a walk, etc, etc, etc.

Dreaming of summer!!, Thing #4

I chose this picture from Flicker because I took a similar photo when I was up in the BWCA last summer. I had my feet dangling in the rush of a water fall, brightly painted toes, and it was serene!
I love the water, especially the ocean and the sandy beaches. This photo helps me to think of warm weather and relaxation.

I am actually amazed at myself for being able to get this photo to this spot. I dashed to the back to tell Sharon that I 'did it'!!! It doesn't take much for me to feel accomplished! This technology blows me away and when I can actually do it, it is really nice. I am going to see if I can actually get some of my own photos in here. Maybe I will have everyone see 'my feet'.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thing #3 - RSS
It has taken me forever to get to blogging about this thing. I have set up an account with bloglines since I could not get google reader to work. I have picked a few things like the Washington Post book review and a quotations site. I am not an avid computer user when
it comes to surfing and reading a lot on the web. I had a hard time coming up with things that
had an RSS read. I have spent way to much time on this thing as it is, so I am going to move on.

All and all, I thought I could whip through these 'things' and have found I do not have a lot of
time to devote to this project. I am still hoping to finish all the 'things', wish me luck.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Thing #2

I read most of everything linked to this 'thing' and am still a little confused. I know that libraries
are going to have to continue moving into the future with technology in order to keep the younger
generation coming, and at the same time keeping it a place for the rest of us to come. I surely hope that there will always be us who might prefer the printed word in the form of a book or some
other kind of 'hard copy'. The library is not only a place to find information, but a meeting place and and place to dream of things outside ourselves through the stacks of books available.
There is nothing better than seeing children come into the library and be totally enthralled by the
shear numbers of books available. I can't see that changing, so there will always be a need for
libraries to be as they were along with all the technology.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

avatar is there!

Just got my avatar on my blog. The directions were clear and I was able to do this without
to many problems. I just have to read the directions step by step. It meant a lot of going back
and forth, but I am pretty proud of myself for being able to accomplish this. Now on to the next thing.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

23 things #1

I have this blog set up, but I really don't understand the reason to have one outside doing
the 23 things on a stick. I had trouble getting my url address to work, but hopefully that
was cleared up. The 'help' buttons are very useful. I am going to attempt to find more
blogs so that I may understand how and why they are used.